How to perform a low cross in FIFA 21

This is a great way to create goal opportunities.

Image via EA Sports

You may not be able to master all of FIFA 21’s mechanics, but there are some key tricks that will improve your gameplay if you learn them.

In FIFA 21, just like in real-life soccer, there are a variety of different ways to cross the ball for attackers. You have the classic high crosses, hanging crosses, whipped crosses, and low crosses, which are quite overpowered in the newest edition of FIFA.

The way to pull off a low cross is plain and simple, but remember that you’ll want to use it with a player who preferably has great Vision, Crossing, and Passing stats.

Here’s what you need to do to perform a low cross in FIFA 21.

  • You can use any player, but opt for those who have great Passing stats, such as Kevin De Bruyne from Manchester City, Lionel Messi from Barcelona, and Bruno Fernandes from Manchester United.
  • Low crosses are ideal when you’re controlling the ball on the wings and have other players waiting for the ball inside the box.
  • To pull it off, all you have to do is press the cross button twice in quick succession. The default control is “Square” on a PlayStation 4 controller and “X” on an Xbox One controller.
  • Aim the cross to your attackers and prepare for an easy tap in.