How to complete TOTSSF Evander da Silva objectives in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team

EA added another great FIFA 20 Ultimate Card that you can earn by playing the game.

Image via EA Sports

EA Sports added a new objective player to FIFA 20 Ultimate Team today.

It’s a Team of the Season So Far (TOTSSF) 92-rated version of Evander da Silva from Midtjylland. He was added alongside the official Rest of the World TOTSSF squad. His objectives will be available for the next seven days.

Since Evander is from Brazil, there are plenty of quality links if you choose to complete these objectives. You can get Evander for free and use him alongside TOTSSF Gabriel Pires 92-rated from Benfica and TOTSSF Johnathan Silva 91-rated from Tianjin Teda, which are great cheap cards.

To earn TOTSSF Evander, you’ll have to complete a set of four in-game objectives that can be done entirely in Squad Battles matches. Only one of the four objectives requires you to win the match, which makes TOTSSF Evander easier to complete.

Here are all four objectives that you have to complete to earn TOTSSF Evander.

  • Danish delight: Score in three separate Squad Battles matches on Professional difficulty minimum (or Rivals) Danish Superliga players.
  • Brazilian brilliance: Score five finesse goals in Squad Battles matches on World Class difficulty minimum (or Rivals) using Brazilian players.
  • World class weak foot: Assist a goal in three separate Squad Battle matches on Professional difficulty minimum (or Rivals) using midfielders with four stars weak foot minimum.
  • Skillful samba: Score and assist in five Squad Battles wins on Professional difficulty minimum (or Rivals) using Brazilian p0layers with four stars skill moves minimum.