Texas Showdown 2020 officially canceled due to COVID-19 spike

The Showdown in Texas has officially been canned.

Image via Texas Showdown

Despite an original delay to Labor Day weekend in September, the Texas Showdown team officially canceled TS 2020 today following the ongoing COVID-19 spike across the U.S. 

Plans for 2021 are moving ahead, but 2020 was expected to be a huge year for the event since it would’ve been the 20th tournament in the series and a part of the Capcom Pro Tour as a Premier event.

Texas is one of the hotbeds for COVID-19 in the U.S. with more than 10,000 new cases recorded on July 7 alone and no sign in that number dropping significantly anytime soon. That paired with the “uncertainty and logistical problems with social distancing” has resulted in the tournament organizers canceling the event.

The TOs have already canceled all existing hotel reservations for players at the Hilton Post Oak, the tournament’s partner hotel. They’re also working to negotiate dates for the usual April or early May dates that TS usually runs on. 

At time of writing, the TS TOs plan to roll over all tournament registrations to the 2021 event unless players decide to request a refund. Those who have already requested refunds will receive them but will need to be patient while everything processes. 

For anyone who wants to support the tournament organizers following the cancelation, more details will be provided in the coming days.