How to reduce lag in Guilty Gear Strive

Get back in the game.

Image via Arc System Works

Even with the implementation of rollback net code in Guilty Gear Strive, some players will ultimately face lag at some point while playing the game.

Depending on what your issue might be, there’s almost always a better way to improve your playing experience. Here are a few things you can do to reduce lag in your next online game.

Check your region

When going into games against other players, make sure you’re in the correct region. Playing against a European player while you’re on the West Coast of the U.S. will obviously dampen your experience and cause massive lag spikes to occur within the game. Make sure you’re fighting against players close to you.

If you want to change your region at any time, press the Back button while selecting a lobby and the game will ask you to select the region you want to compete in.

Use an ethernet cable over Wi-Fi

Using a wireless connection will likely have a negative impact on your online matches. Thus, using an ethernet cable for a LAN connection is the best way to have a more stable connection to your console and PC, if you’re looking for frame-perfect matches.

Make sure the issue is lag

Checking to see if network latency is the main issue causing your game to lag could be the key to solving any problems.

A checklist could include making sure you have enough bandwidth on your network by turning off anything that could disrupt the connection, such as downloads or 4K streaming. Reboot your router to see if it’s having any issues and also check your network provider’s website to see if there’s any servicing going on.

Just making sure the issue is lag, and not something else, is vital. Knowledge is power, after all.