How to change your age in MultiVersus

Here's how to change your age settings.

Image via Warner Bros. Games

If you find yourself stuck in offline mode in MultiVersus, it may be because you accidentally set your age too low. Due to the game’s ESRB rating, any users who selected an age below 18 are locked out of online play. Unfortunately, after the initial prompt given the first time you load MultiVersus up, there is no way to adjust this in the game’s regular settings.

Though external to the actual game, there is a way to manually reset the age prompt seen at the beginning of the game. Here is how to change your age in MultiVersus.

How to change age in MultiVersus

There is unfortunately no in-game menu setting to adjust your age in MultiVersus; however, you can still reset the prompt through the game’s files. This method involves deleting all previous save data before reinstalling the game completely, making it exclusive to PC users.

This is how you can access your folders and delete your save:

  • Use your windows search bar to search for “%appdata%” and select it
  • In the App Data folder, find MultiVersus
  • Go to the “Saved” folder and delete the folder called “SaveGames.”
  • After deleting the SaveGames folder, re-launch the game from Steam.
  • When it loads up again, input your age to over 18.

Warner Brothers’ developers have not stated whether or not this is a bug, or if they intend to implement an easier means of updating your age in the near future. Given that the game is still in beta, we can likely expect some change to occur in the near future. For now, console players locked out off offline play will only be able to create a new account if they want to access online competition.

Multiversus age requirements

Since MultiVersus is currently rated Teen by the ESRB, the age requirement to play the game is 13 years old and above. It is highly recommended to set your age above 18, however, if you wish to access all the game’s features, including online play.