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Mirelurks Fallout 76
Screenshot by Dot Esports

How to find Mirelurks in Fallout 76

is it a mutated crab, spider or both?

Mirelurks are common yet formidable creatures found around the wastelands of West Virginia in Fallout 76. These mutated beetle like foes pose a great threat due to their rigid exoskeltons and aggressive nature.

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While being tough to kill, Mirelurks are a great way yo score some valuable resources in the harsh Appalachian. Whether you’re on your way to complete key Fallout 76 quests, simply traversing, or out looking for some good loot, knowing the locations of Mirelurks can give you an edge in the harsh barren lands of Virginia.

Mirelurk locations in Fallout 76

Mirelurk locations pinned on the map of Fallout 76
Known locations for Mirelurks. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Mirelurks are abundant of Fallout 76, and their distinctive appearance makes them fairly easy to spot. These creatures often roam the post apocalyptic wastelands in groups. Strategically targeting the right spot based on your available arsenal can significantly boost your chances of obtaining valuable loot.

While their visibility is high, we’ve compiled a list of specific locations where these Mirelurk creatures commonly spawn for your convenience.

Edition NumberLocationWhere to go
01High Land MarshHead towards the eastern section of West virginia to find a bunch of Mirelurks roaming around in the jungle.
02Ohio river AdventuresLocated in the Forest region, Ohio River Adventures is a prime spot for finding Mirelurks. The area is often populated with these creatures, making it an ideal location for farming their meat and other valuable resources.
03Grafton lakeTraverse to the north of Grafton towards the lake. The area serves as a hotspot for higher variants of Mirelurks in Fallout 76.
04The MireThe Mire region is teeming with Mirelurks. Roam around the flooded areas and rivers for encountering different variants, including the more dangerous Mirelurk Kings and Hunter
05Spruce Knob lakeThis site is located near the Savage divide. Roam around the lake to spot a group of Mirelurks.
06Toxic valleyThe toxin infused environment of the Toxic Valley is home to various Mirelurk types. lookaround the high areas of the valley to be greeted by strionger variants of Mirelurks.

All types Mirelurks variants in Fallout 76

Three different Power Armor suits in Fallout 76.
Take the armor with you. Image via Bethesda

Mirelurks are one of the easiest foes to spot in Fallout 76 however, knowing what type of Mirelurk you’ll be encountering is what you should be looking out for. We’ve got all the different variants of these tough crackers below.

Edition NumberMirelurk variantDescription
01Standard MirelurkThe standard version of Mirelurk, usually found scraping dead bodies.
02Mirelurk HunterFound near Marshy areas. More aggressive than the standard Mirelurk.
03Mirelurk KingFound within the group of Mirelurks. Stronger than the general group and will be leading them.
04Mirelurk QueenThe most formiddable varaint of the creatures, housed in high quarantine zones and difficult to defeat.
05Softshell MirelurkWeakest varainbts within the Mirelurks. Higher in number but easy to kill.

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