When is Fall Guys coming to mobile?

It looks like development is underway.

Image via Devolver Digital

The release of Fall Guys on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and next-gen consoles seems like a sure thing given enough time. But a mobile version of the summer hit of 2020 might end up coming even faster than the more traditional versions. 

Senior analyst Daniel Ahmad for Niko Partners, a market research and consulting firm focused on the Asian games market, said Chinese games and entertainment company Bilibili has secured the rights to publish a mobile version of Fall Guys in China. This likely means that Mediatonic is already working on a mobile version for a wider release in the West but wanted to secure a partnership for a release in China early on. 

This doesn’t guarantee a mobile release is coming to the West anytime soon, however. But it looks like something is happening on that front—and the developers are well aware of the demand for the game on the platform. Last week, the company had to clarify that Fall Guys is only available on PC and PS4 right now, calling out fake screengrabs and knockoff titles popping up. 

There’s no release window for a mobile version of Fall Guys, but Mediatonic is still working on adding new content to the current version of the game.

This article will be updated when more information becomes available.