When does Fall Guys Season 6: Party Spectacular start?

It's party time.

Image via Mediatonic

The latest season of Fall Guys is fast approaching, and it’s going to be a party.

Fall Guys season six: Party Spectacular will arrive with a combination of carnival and party-themed outfits, along with a hodgepodge of other cosmetics that include a Big Yeetus costume.

The season’s trailer touts new content that will include five rounds, five obstacles, and more than 25 costumes for players to try out.

Meanwhile, the season gives gamers a fresh Fame Path experience that contains 50 levels of rewards highlighted by, among other things, an “Everybody Falls” emote that will have your jellybean singing the Fall Guys theme with a kazoo.

Fall Guys season six: Party Spectacular begins on Nov. 30.

This will end the Fame Path for season five. If you haven’t already leveled up to get the rewards that you want, it might be time to take advantage of the Thanksgiving weekend to play some games with your friends and family before the rewards are vaulted.

There is no set end date for season six, but Fall Guys seasons typically run for between two and four months, with most recent ones veering toward the longer end of that spectrum. That means one might be able to speculate that season six could end around February or March.