When does Fall Guys season 2 start?

Here's when more content is coming to Fall Guys.

Image via Mediatonic

It seems like everyone is loving Fall Guys, from top Twitch streamers to those who downloaded it for free on PlayStation 4. The hype around the cute party game is high in 2020.

Season one of Fall Guys features 40 tiers of unlockable customization items, like outfits, colors, patterns, emotes, and victory dances to equip on your Fall Guy. But once the season pass is finished, there’s not much left to do besides chase crowns.

Thankfully, season two of Fall Guys is already on the way. More content is coming quickly from Mediatonic and Devolver Digital, and it looks to be as exciting as the first season, if not better.

When does Fall Guys season 2 start?

Fall Guys season two is scheduled to begin on Thursday, Oct. 8.

The new season will feature a medieval theme, adding costumes like witches, wizards, dragons, and warriors. New and remixed levels will add new obstacles and gameplay elements.