Upcoming Fall Guys update includes a new level, a naming system, and level variations

Get ready for new obstacles.

Image via Mediatonic

Fall Guys is receiving a new level called Big Fans, which only features large fans that players must navigate carefully next week. Mediatonic’s upcoming update will also include a new naming system, a small hammer hidden around maps called Lil Yeety, and several level variations. 

Big Fans is the most significant addition in the update since it’s a new level for players to enjoy. Players must avoid spinning obstacles as they jump from each fan blade over drops that will send them back to the starting line. Each fan blade is relatively small and players will likely fight with other players to survive. 

The update will also include Lil Yeety, which is the smaller version of Big Yeetus. The little spinning hammers won’t be as dramatic as Big Yeetus, but they still have the potential to send players flying. 

Fans can expect a new naming system in the update, too. Right now, players have a unique string of numbers to identify themselves, but this is difficult to remember, especially when trying to spectate your friends. The new naming system should make it easier to find and watch friends. 

Finally, the update will also include level variations that add a fun twist to existing courses. For example, there’s an upcoming version of Fruit Chute that only includes bananas. It’s unclear what other changes will be included in the update, but fans have a lot of new content to look forward to. 

The new Fall Guys update will be released next week.