The best Fall Guys crossover skin ideas

Everyone wants in on the Fall Guys hype.

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Fall Guys is the smash hit of summer 2020, surprising everyone with its hilarious fun gameplay and rage-inducing moments of failure.

It’s been a huge success on Twitch and sold two million copies in its first week alone—and now it seems like everybody wants to get in on the fun.

The possibilities for skins in Fall Guys are seemingly endless. And with a launch day crossover like the Gordon Freeman and Alyx skins from Half-Life, as well as companies like CD Projekt Red already showing interest in getting into the game, it seems like more are coming.

Here are some of the coolest ideas for crossover skins in Fall Guys.

Metal Gear

Snake? Snake?! SNAAAAKE! Three Snakes (Solid, Naked, and Big Boss, to be exact), were tweeted out by Konami’s U.K. account. One weapon to surpass Metal Gear? A bean.

Tracer from Overwatch

Overwatch is rife with opportunities for crossover skins. And who better to show it off than the game’s de facto mascot, Tracer?


This is more of a meme than anything else, but the idea of a Fall Guys bean in Old School Runescape is too funny.

Crash Bandicoot

Remember those old Crash Bandicoot commercials with the annoying guy in the Crash costume? This is like that, but way better.

Ghost of Tsushima

One of 2020’s best games has gotten the bean treatment in this excellent concept.

Death Stranding

And so, too, has one of 2019’s best games. The world of Death Stranding is so unique and the idea of a bean holding a baby bean inside of a canister on his chest is too cute to not want.

Colonel Sanders

KFC’s gaming account wants to see the Colonel as a bean. With skins like a hamburger, fries, and a shake already in-game, why not?

Mortal Kombat

This would be an easy one to accomplish. All of the ninjas in Mortal Kombat all basically wear the same outfit, so palette-swapping them to have multiple characters would be a breeze.


Have you ever been held by another bean and prevented from crossing the finish line and rage so bad you want to RIP AND TEAR? Well, this skin is perfect for that.

Majin Buu

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#fallguys Buu'D Up!

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One of the greatest contributors in the Fall Guys fan art community, Boss Logic has created the ultimate Majin Buu x Fall Guys mash-up. The design sees the Fall Guy don Buu’s traditional attire from the Dragon Ball Z series. The look is most like his Good Buu form due to his chubby figure and purple cape.


Combining Fall Guys with popular film and TV franchises has been an extremely popular theme in the community. Alexander Neusinger put together a fantastic Stranger Things Demogorgon skin concept, which has a traditional looking lower half to accompany Demogorgon’s open mouth upper half. This skin stays true to its source material while looking like the perfect fit for the game.


Keeping with the gaming theme, KalaSketch has created an Undertale-inspired Fall Guy skin concept. Players of the game will recognize this look from Sans who is a major character in the game. The skin might fit perfectly in the game as the top and bottom parts are so obviously separate and could be implemented with a range of the skins currently available in the game.


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I hope they remember you guys….. #fallguys

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Another concept by Boss Logic, this Avengers-inspired look has the Fall Guy transform into one of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s most popular villains, Thanos. Thanos’s traditional Armor and facial features are seen in the skin and so his the Infinity Gauntlet that is closely associated with him.

Dio Brando

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is one of the most popular animes and mangas and this custom fall guy created by @RandoPolish perfectly captures all the signature traits of Dio, one of the main characters. From his golden hair to his green headband and yellow jacket, the skin concept has been meticulously thought out to capture all the most important features of the character. While the look may seem very over-the-top in detail compared to the skins that can be found in the game currently, this is a very impressive design nonetheless.

Gotta catch ’em all

Everyone loves Pokémon, and everyone loves the original starters even further. The Pokémon possibilities are truly endless, but Blastoise, Charizard, and Venusaur are a perfect place to start, even if Venusaur looks especially weird standing up on its hind legs.