The best and worst new levels added in Fall Guys Season 2

With the release of Season Two, Fall Guys has introduced four new modes into the game.

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With the release of Fall Guys Season Two, multiple new game modes have been added to the game.

Some of these modes bring creative new ideas to the elimination-style gameplay, while others appear to be an upgrade to some of the game styles already familiar with the game.

In this article, we are going to be ranking the four new game modes from best to worst.

Knight Fever

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The best addition in Fall Guys season two, Knight Fever offers a gauntlet-style obstacle course for players to navigate to qualify for the next round. Knight Fever is an open course with obstacles that aim to knock players completely off the course.

Luckily, this mode will allow players who fall to respawn back on the platform and able to continue their mission. While it may be easy to time the spinning weapons or navigate through the rotating logs, doing this with many players around becomes increasingly difficult and offers some hilarious moments within the game.

Wall Guys

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Much like Door Dash, this level is made substantially easier when in the front. Players who find themselves ahead of the group will be able to move the objects and utilize the grabbing mechanic to quickly scale the walls and qualify for the next round.

Where this becomes difficult is once players begin to encounter each other. Due to the limited space on each block, it can be difficult to climb using the grabbing mechanic when surrounded by a group. Wall Guys is easily one of the best levels in Season Two and overall between the levels currently in the game.

Hoopsie Legends

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Hoopsie Legends is a solo hoop scoring game that encourages players to dive through six hoops before other players can qualify for the next round. While this mode is more impressive than Hoopsie Daisy from season one, at its core, it is the same game and really does not offer a lot of unique features.

Egg Siege

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A variant of the notorious Egg Scramble mode from Season One, Egg Siege offers players the same challenge with some added obstacles and a re-designed course. This hoarding mini-game is much more difficult than Egg Scramble and for players who did not like that course, Egg Siege is going to be something out of nightmares.