Playstation previews new Fall Guys round Pipe Dream ahead of season 6

Jump into the pipe and see what happens.

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The Playstation Blog gave fans a first look at Pipe Dream today. The new round is one of the five new rounds being introduced to the Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout when season six launches on Nov. 30.

In the carnival-themed season six, Fall Guys brings a racing stage centered around vacuum pipes. Each pipe takes the player’s bean through a maze of twists and turns as they race to first place. The Playstation Blog preview provided some insights into the development of the new round.

Pipe Dream is intended to strike a balance between skill and the standard Fall Guys “chaos” that makes the game so popular on console and PC. The skill comes from navigating each pipe, controlling your movements to maximize your chances of winning a tight race.

The chaos comes from the constantly changing pipe pathways during each round. The unpredictable nature is in line with some of Fall Guys’ other popular rounds.

Pipe Dream was intended to be a final round that was more focused on picking the optimal pipe to secure the victory, according to the blog. The round changed through playtesting because of some contradictions that showed “the racing elements didn’t fit with the more logical task of picking the best route.” The changes ended up in the more racing-focused and go-with-the-flow nature of Pipe Dream as it will appear when season six drops.

Season six of Fall Guys starts on Nov. 30 and includes five new rounds, dozens of carnival-themed costumes, and a 50 tier Fame Path battle pass.

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