Is Fall Guys on Steam? How to play Fall Guys using the Epic Games Launcher

The game found a new home.

Image via Mediatonic

Over the years, Mediatonic’s Fall Guys garnered a handful of accolades, including the Best Multiplayer and Best Family Game awards from Golden Joystick 2020, the Best Community Support award from The Game Awards 2020, and the Best Independent Game-Platinum and Best Multiplayer Game-Gold awards from PlayStation.Blog.

The game has also experienced a great deal of commercial success. In fact, Mediatonic revealed in November 2020 that Fall Guys had sold more than 11 million copies worldwide, with 10 million of these from PC gaming platform Steam. It has been the game’s main home since it was released in 2020.

But Fall Guys’ popularity skyrocketed, making it available for other digital platforms and services, such as the PlayStation Plus. It even set the Guinness world record for being the most-downloaded game on PS Plus last October.

Is Fall Guys on Steam?

Mediatonic is also keen on having new partnerships, with Fall Guys now being available in the Epic Games Store as a free-to-play title. That means you can’t get Fall Guys on Steam anymore.

Mediatonic announced that new players will be unable to purchase and download the game from the platform, and the product page will no longer show up on the store.

The developer assured that those who already own Fall Guys on Steam can still receive full support, as well as all the “tasty” updates that will be available for all the other platforms on which the game can be bought. This will include crossplay and cross-progression support.

How to play Fall Guys using the Epic Games Launcher

Now if you’re wondering how to play Fall Guys in its new home, there are some easy steps you need to follow, according to the game’s official support page.

Visit the Epic Games Store in your browser. Then go to the Download option placed in the upper right corner of your screen. Click it, and the launcher’s installer file will be downloaded automatically. Run the file once you have it to install Fall Guys. Finally, log in with your credentials to start playing.

You should also take note that you can link Epic Games account if you already have an existing Fall Guys account. Just follow the steps above, and follow the log-in instructions you are prompted to link both accounts when you boot the game in the launcher. A link will appear where you can do so. This may also make cross-progression possible.

Fall Guys is available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Switch, and PC.