How many Fall Guys maps are there?

There are many kinds of showcases.

Image via Meditonic

After Epic Games bought Fall Guys‘ developer’s parent company, Tonic Games Group, the game evolved in a big way.

Nowadays, cross-play feels seamless and unpopular maps don’t appear as often. Maps and modes are the biggest changes to the game. With team-based modes and battles, players now have the option of playing on a team instead of being forced to.

There were also Futuristic maps added in the newest expansion, which added a bit more randomness and rigor to the game. Additionally, developer Mediatonic added some newer maps to the base game, and they fixed bugs and glitches found in older maps.

The number of maps has increased dramatically over the past few years, so you would be surprised how many maps are in Fall Guys.

How many Fall Guys maps are there?

There are 67 maps in Fall Guys for you to play, divided into 26 Race maps, eight Survival maps, two Logic maps, nine Hunt maps, 12 Team maps, 1 Invisibeans map, and nine Finals maps. Each of these maps has a different goal, and you’ll get a mix of a few randomized maps. Making it past these challenges requires a lot of skill and a little luck.

Fall Guys has the following types of maps:

  • Survival: A set amount of people need to be eliminated. Anyone left is a winner and moves on.
  • Race: You need to finish the circuit or map presented to you a set amount of times before a fixed number of other people.
  • Hunt: In different areas and zones, your objective is to score as many goals as possible. Each map has a different way of scoring goals.
  • Team: You need to work together with other players to win. If you lose, then you lose as a team.
  • Logic: These games involve memory. Either you need to know what tile has a certain picture or how many times a fruit has been shown. 
  • Invisibeans: Players are separated into teams and need to steal candy from Guardians. The team with the highest score wins.
  • Final: One match, winner take all. While each final is different, they all revolve around only one person ending up on top and ending the game.

Will Fall Guys get more maps?

Yes, definitely. New maps were released for Fall Guys‘ Free for All expansion, so it is very likely that even more new maps will be released as new seasons are introduced. We would expect Fall Guys season two to have at least a handful of new maps. The latest expansion was a pretty big move, so players shouldn’t expect to see that many maps with each new season.

The first season of Fall Guys will end on Aug. 29, 2022, so you can expect some newer maps when the next season begins.