Fall Guys reveals new season 2 level, Knight Fever—and it looks like a nightmare

This one will separate the crown chasers from the Fall Guys.

Image via Mediatonic

Fall Guys has unveiled a new level coming to season two when it launches on Oct. 8—and it looks challenging.

Revealed this morning in an exclusive for IGN, the new level is called Knight Fever and it’s full of obstacles. Designed “as an episode-opening race,” the level will pit 60 players against each other in a race to the finish line.

Image via IGN

IGN says the new level is supposed to be a “skill check” for players who have become accustomed to the game’s current levels over the past two months.

Here’s the layout of Knight Fever:

  • Two uphill sections outfitted with spinning blades and holes in the floor.
  • Two sets of spinning logs covered in patterns of spikes.
  • A downhill slime slide, also covered in spinning blades.
  • A stretch of ground with holes on the floor and swinging, spike-covered logs.
  • Three sets of drawbridges that open and close erratically.
  • The finish line.

Additional levels, quality of life updates, and a slew of new medieval-themed cosmetics will join the game when season two of Fall Guys goes live on Oct. 8.