Fall Guys made a live-action ad for Christmas—and it’s adorable

Too cute.

Image via Mediatonic

Devolver Digital put out an incredibly cute ad for Fall Guys season three today featuring a live-action Fall Guy’s holiday adventures.

The ad stars a Fall Guy and a family looking to celebrate the holidays. The Fall Guy can’t seem to stop getting in trouble, whether it be tackling the Christmas tree for its crown or chasing the family dog’s tail.

Dejected and defeated, the family saves Fall Guy’s Christmas by inviting him inside and giving him a gift—a Santa outfit, just like the one available in season three of the game.

The family and the Fall Guy then sit down for some games of Fall Guys and he earns his crown. The all-too-familiar Fall Guys music kicks in and everyone is happy. Christmas is saved.

Fall Guys was the surprise hit of the summer, sending everyone into a tizzy to chase their own crowns while fighting fits of rage every time they fell off the map or were griefed by another player.

Fall Guys season three is available right now.