Fall Guys Fall Festival now live with new squad show and Lion Dance costume reward

Celebrate fall in Fall Guys.

Image via Mediatonic

Another special event has arrived in the bean battle royale that is Fall Guys. The Fall Festival is now live in the game through Sept. 27.

With the arrival of the Fall Festival comes the Fall Festival Challenge, a series of six smaller challenges that include the new show, Squad Celebration. Squad Celebration is a show that only consists of squad-based team games and is only available during the Fall Festival period.

Image via Mediatonic.

The Fall Festival Challenge milestones include:

  • Own a tail for 15 seconds on any show
  • Be in the air for a total of 60 seconds in any show
  • Reach the final round in Squad Celebration six times
  • Qualify from team rounds in any show three times
  • Qualify from the first round of Squad Celebration three times
  • Win Squad Celebration three times
Image via Mediatonic.

It should go without saying that the fastest way to progress through all of these challenges at the same time is to play Squad Celebration. The Squad Celebration show features games that should give you plenty of time to own a tail or be in the air. You could realistically finish this challenge in as little as six games, provided your team wins three of them and reaches the final round in all six. While playing with a pre-made team would give you an advantage, it’s not necessary since the mode has matchmaking.

The challenges reward you both pieces of the Lion Dance costume, the Fall Fest Fanatic nickname, the Mooncakes pattern, and up to 900 Kudos.