Fall Guys continues season 4 tease with new Skyline Stumble level

Mayhem in the future.

Screengrab via Mediatonic

Mediatonic gave Fall Guys fans a sneak peek at a new race level today, along with confirming that seven new maps will be coming to the game in season four.

The newest season of the battle royale-inspired party game takes fans to the year 4041 and Skyline Stumble shows that the future hasn’t gotten any better for Fall Guys—in terms of making its players fall from the map, at least.

The futuristic map features a host of neon lights, laser beams, and an appealing vaporwave aesthetic that might soften the blow for players who can’t cross the finish line. From the preview, Skyline Stumble’s 60-player count and race mechanic makes it seem likely that it’ll become a part of the regular first stage rotation. New obstacles like Low Gravity Zones, Spicy Light Swingers, and Chonky Buttons will try to throw off as many beans as they can, according to Mediatonic.

While no word has been given on when Fall Guys’ season four will be released, the usual two-month cycle indicates that 4041 might be coming within the month. The game’s midseason 3.5 update could mean that there will be a longer turnaround, however, so the future might not be quite as near.

Regardless, given Fall Guys’ propensity to show off new content, fans can likely expect to see more footage of the seven new levels coming in the game’s fourth season.