Does Fall Guys have voice chat?

It's not a party if you can't talk to your friends.

Image via Mediatonic

One of the best parts about Fall Guys is how social the game can be. Because objectives are so simple, it’s an easy game to pick up and just as easy to talk to friends while playing without losing focus on what you’re doing.

Whether you enjoy playing team-based games and want to partner with people you know or you like going head-to-head with your friends for bragging rights, Fall Guys is a great option as a multiplayer game for you and your friends to enjoy. And, as is usual in most multiplayer games, being able to talk to your friends is a major part of the experience.

If you’re playing in a team mode, talking and coordinating with your party is essential to doing well, even in a game as simple as Fall Guys. If your party prefers to play solo, you can still help friends out in voice chat or use it for one of the most essential parts of any video game: trash talk.

But voice chat in Fall Guys isn’t immediately obvious to use and it leaves many players wondering if the game even has a native voice chat or if they’re forced to use other voice chat options if they want to talk to their friends in-game.

Does Fall Guys have voice chat?

Fall Guys does have a voice chat system in the game. It’s just a matter of making sure it’s enabled since the game’s doesn’t automatically turn on the chat option.

When you open Fall Guys, you should notice the Open Party option in the bottom left corner of the home screen. When you select that option, it opens up your party, allowing you to invite players to join you. Below the player slots for your party, there is a speaker icon labeled Join Chat. You can enable voice chat here and talk to your party.

Players can also enable voice chat by opening the game settings, which you can access by selecting the gear icon in the top right corner of the home screen. When you’ve opened the settings, select Audio and then switch Party Voice Chat to On in the Audio settings.

Once you’ve switched your Party Voice Chat to On, you shouldn’t have to do so again. But it’s always worth checking this setting if your chat isn’t working, just to make sure the game hasn’t turned it off for whatever reason.