Does Fall Guys have bots?

The ins and outs of bots.

Image via Mediatonic

Fall Guys is a game where you wouldn’t know if the player next to you is a real player or a bot. It’s easy to go to a site like TikTok and find videos making fun of other players’ mistakes and saying, “No way these are real players.” In many cases, bots would probably be better than players who have trouble with the game.

In multiplayer games, it is common to boost the player’s firepower or accuracy to make them better than everyone else artificially. This typically makes a player want to stay and play for more. It is common for games to use bots to ease players’ difficulties and make them seem like they are great at the game. Since this practice is so common in the industry, developers usually don’t mind discussing it. Epic Games, the owner of Mediatonic, is no stranger to using bots in their games.

It is well known that Fortnite and Rocket League have bot players if your skill is low enough, but Fall Guys hasn’t been as open to this practice as you’d think.

Are there bots in Fall Guys?

There used to be bots in Fall Guys. When the game was first released, bots were a part of every player’s first 10 matches. There wouldn’t be that many bots, and they were designed not to survive the first few rounds. This way, real players were the only ones with a chance to win. So if you won at any time in your first 10 matches, that was your own skill.

That was at launch; it is unknown if Mediatonic still does that. The short answer would be most likely not, since there are more than enough players to fill each match. Mediatonic has not revealed whether they still have bots in their game.

How can I tell if I’m facing a bot in Fall Guys?

If you think you’re with a bot just because of someone’s username, remember that Epic Games assigns you a random username when you sign up. Instead, of looking at a username, check to see what a player does when you grab them a few times. A bot will not react if you continue to hold them because they’re trying to get to the finish line the way they’re programmed. If you do this to a person enough, they will react negatively.

If the other player starts avoiding you or begins to grab you, it’s a person. They’re either a bad player or a bot if they do not react. Even if it is a bot, don’t worry about them being any real competition. When there were bots, Mediatonic ensured they would never get to the point where they’d be real competition. Bots were just there to fill in the spots, not to make it past the second round.