All new rounds added in Fall Guys: Free For All season one update

Time for a whole-lot more mayhem to ensue.

Image via Mediatonic

The new season one update of Fall Guys shook up the scene of the game a lot.

Not only did the Fall Guys: Free For All update turn the game free-to-play, but it also allowed cross-platform play, further expanding onto the Nintendo Switch and Xbox platforms. The game previously cost $20 and was only available on PC and PlayStation 4.

Additionally, there is a ton of new content that season one is bringing to the smash-hit game, including several highly-anticipated new rounds.

Below are all seven rounds added to Fall Guys in the Free For All update.

List of all new rounds in Fall Guys: Free For All season one update


What seems to be a combination of Hex-A-Gone and Roll Off, Hex-A-Ring highlights disappearing hexagon tiles as the floor with the visuals of Roll Off. Players need to try their best to dodge the rotating cylinder that rushes at them while making sure to step on available tiles on the floor. A real doozy!


Being Fall Guys’ own spin on volleyball, Volleyfall sees the one side try their best to hit the ball into the other side of the court without letting the opposing team hit it back into yours. You win when you get the ball to touch the floor of the opposing team’s side of the court.

Track Attack

This one is a bouncy obstacle course that aims to test players’ map knowledge as well as balance. With various obstacles like speed arches, jump ropes, and bouncy floors, the limits of your skill as a Fall Guys player will be pushed to the brim.

Speed Circuit

Speed Circuit is a multi-layered map that sees players run three maps while dodging various obstacles, failing which will fling you into a lot of slime that you do not want to get into.

The Swiveller

This map presents itself as a circular arena in which players find themselves jumping over a multitude of jump ropes in a rotating ring as they go around the track to avoid falling into slime. Looks like you won’t be getting away from slime anytime soon.

Bounce Party

In Blunderdome’s very own bouncy castle, you will have to bounce your way through hoops to score points, which requires just the right amount of power and precision to make sure you don’t hilariously miss your target by a mile.

Blast Ball

Finally, Blast Ball is a round in which players are allowed to use various new explosive obstacles to blow the other players out of the arena, while parts of the platform also begin collapsing over time.