All new rounds added to Fall Guys Season 2

There are four new levels to get your teeth stuck into in season two.

Image via Mediatonic

The long-awaited second season of Fall Guys, also known as Medieval Knockout, is here, introducing four new rounds to the game show battle royale.

The season is all about knights in shining armor, dragons, and castles, and the new levels reflect that. There are new obstacles to overcome and mechanics to test your limits.

Here are all the Fall Guys season two rounds.

Knight Fever

  • Knight Fever is Fall Guys’ “hardest level” yet, according to developer Mediatonic. It features deadly swinging scythes, log swings, slides, and razor-sharp spikes.

Wall Guys

  • Wall Guys is a cooperative round, where teamwork is required to climb a towering fortress.

Egg Siege

  • Scramble for eggs, siege a castle, and traverse moving drawbridges in Egg Siege.

Hoopsie Legends

  • Jump and dive through hoops in Hoopsie Legends, a new solo round with moveable blocks.