What is the Dota 2 bug tracker?

"Feed the swarm!"

Image via Valve

A quick tour of Dota 2’s subreddit can be enough to convince you that the game hasn’t received a patch for years. While Valve has a history of taking its time with major content patches, the developer has usually been on time with bug fixes.

Until recently, Valve kept track of the Dota 2 subreddit, as well as the official forums, to take care of the bugs that have been negatively impacting the gameplay experience. Valve employee Jeff Hill has been the first responder to most of these bug threads that pop up online, and he released a new way for players to submit bugs and errors, which will also help Valve when it comes to keeping track of everything.

The Dota 2 bug tracker is a public Github issue tracker. Players will be able to submit issues and errors that they run into in Dota 2, and others will be able to vote to give them greater visibility. The system will allow Valve to decide on which errors they will need to fix first.

How do you report a problem in Dota 2?

You can report a problem or an error you encounter in the game on the Dota 2 bug tracker. You’ll need to create a Github account first. After that, you can submit your entry by clicking on the green “New issue” button.

Make sure that your report fits the format and includes the following information:

  • Match ID
  • A clear description of the bug
  • Timestamp when the bug occurs
  • Steps to reproduce this bug
  • Images and videos showing the bug

Before you create a bug report, search the existing cases. Someone who encountered the same error may have submitted a bug report earlier than you, and you can simply upvote theirs instead of creating a new one.