WeSave! Charity Play schedule and format released

Regional battles are about to be intense.

Image via WePlay! Esports

WeSave! Charity Play is going to be one of the biggest Dota 2 tournaments of the year. It will fill the void left by the ESL One Los Angeles Major by bringing 24 teams together to raise awareness and fight the coronavirus pandemic. 

But the event isn’t going the be run like a normal tournament. Instead, it’ll be split up into six regional brackets, each with their own prize pool of $20,000. 

The 24-team roster consists of four squads from each of the six major Dota regions, which will all be playing in six separate brackets over the course of the event from March 20 to 26. This means that we won’t be seeing teams from Europe take on squads from China, but this is likely going to be a decision that will help the event run smoother than cross-region play would allow. 

Focusing on keeping the competition within each region will allow the matches to be played with great connection and little-to-no delay, which will make for the best product for viewers. And the format for the event matches up with the smaller scale brackets since each group will be single-elimination with best-of-three matches all the way through. 

Here’s the full schedule of matches, along with the times of each region’s final round. There will be three matches per day in an alternating schedule of Southeast Asia, CIS, and North America one day, with China, Europe, and South America on the other days. 

Friday, March 20

  • 6am CT – Geek Fam vs. BOOM Esports
  • 11am CT – B8 vs. Natus Vincere
  • 3pm CT – Cloud9 vs. CR4ZY

Saturday, March 21

  • 7am CT – PSG.LGD vs. Invictus Gaming
  • 12pm CT – Team Liquid vs. OG
  • 4pm CT – FURIA Esports vs. NoPing Esports

Sunday, March 22

  • 6am CT – TNC Predator vs. Team Adroit
  • 11am CT – Virtus Pro vs. HellRaisers
  • 3pm CT – Evil Geniuses vs. business associates

Monday, March 23

  • 7am CT – EHOME vs. Vici Gaming
  • 12pm CT – Team Secret vs. Nigma
  • 4pm CT – beastcoast vs. Thunder Predator

Tuesday, March 24

  • 6am CT – Southeast Asia Finals
  • 11am CT – CIS Finals
  • 3pm CT – North America Finals

Wednesday, March 25

  • 7am CT – China Finals
  • 12pm CT – Europe Finals
  • 4pm CT – South America Finals

Matches begin on March 20 with Geek Fam vs. BOOM at 6am CT on WePlay!’s Twitch channel. You can watch in English and Russian.