WePlay! Pushka League Season 2 adds a third division and new format

Another big Dota 2 event is lined up for the end of summer.

Image via WePlay! Esports

The WePlay! Pushka League is back for another season. But this time, it’s adding a third division of Dota 2 teams and changing up its initial format. 

For the second season, there will be three regions, three divisions, and a slightly different format for each, starting with Europe and the Americas on Aug. 13. 

Europe will once again be the biggest region of Pushka League, combining EU and CIS into a 16-team group stage for Division 1. The three best teams from each group will advance to the Super Finals, with a play-in stage taking place for fourth and fifth-place teams to see who else will make it in. 

Image via WePlay! Esports

The Super Finals will be a double-elimination bracket with a $210,000 prize pool. All teams that make it that far will be locked in for a Division 1 spot in Pushka League season three. 

For Division 2, two groups of four will play for a chance to make it into Division 1 next season. The top two teams from each group will play in a relegation bracket against all of the non-Super Finals qualifiers from Division 1. The top eight squads will move into Division 1 for season three, while the remaining teams will be relegated to Division 2. 

The relegation bracket will also have a $50,000 prize pool. 

Division 3 is the newest addition to Pushka League, with eight teams entering through open qualifiers and the top four teams at the end of the group stage playing against the bottom finishers of Division 2 in another relegation bracket. The top four teams from that bracket will split a $5,000 prize pool and move up to Division 2 for the next season. 

North and South America have been combined into a single region once more, while China and Southeast Asia have been merged into a single Asian region for the first time. Both regions will host 12 teams with almost identical rules for the Super Finals and relegation brackets for each Division, just scaled for how many teams are actually competing. 

Image via WePlay! Esports

Here’s the prize pool breakdown for the Americas and Asia in each of the Division brackets. 

  • Super Finals 
    • $40,000 in the Americas
    • $60,000 in Asia
  • Division 2 Relegation Bracket
    • $10,000 for the Americas 
    • $15,000 for Asia

There’s no Division 3 for either of the smaller regions and no set dates have been given for when the Asian region will begin the competition. Europe and America will play from Aug. 13 to Sept. 13, with more information about teams, broadcasting, and other details coming later this summer.