eliminated due to power outage at OGA Dota PIT season 2 didn't get to go out as warriors.

Image via OGA Dota Pit and FlyToMoon were two of the underdogs going into the European/CIS bracket of OGA Dota PIT season two. And it showed since both teams were knocked into the lower bracket after just a single round. 

In a match today where both teams were facing elimination, FTM looked like they had the series in the bag. But they ended up winning because of electrical issues affecting one of the players. 

Despite leading for most of the game, FTM threw the opening match in after one extremely poor push cost them a Divine Rapier and most of their advantage. The game was called, but only on’s side, leading to a confusing exchange between the teams until FTM threw in the towel anyways. 

FTM fought back in game two, taking the lead early behind GeneRaL’s 11/2/12 Batrider that helped his team control the map. couldn’t hold out as the series ended up even. And disaster was just around the corner for the EU squad. 

At the start of game three, had to pause the match for nearly 30 minutes because Miroslav “BOOM” Bičan’s power went out. 

After waiting for a resolution, decided to at least attempt to play the four-vs-five matchup rather than take an immediate loss due to forfeiting the game. The team eventually forfeited the battle, though, resulting in their elimination from OGA Dota PIT season 2 in a tie for seventh place with Ninjas in Pyjamas.