Valve updates International Battle Pass with new Wagering odds, shuts down Sideshop

A new update is making more beneficial changes.

Image via Valve

Valve is making more changes based on community feedback on the International 2020 Battle Pass, including rolling back some of the new features to how they were in previous years. 

Specifically, the Weekly Wagering system and Sideshop have been updated, with the Sideshop being completely removed from the game after just over a week. 

Sithil and Quirt’s Sideshop was meant to give players a chance to do more with their Battle Pass earnings, but now it has been shut down and has instead been replaced by the normal Recycling mechanic. This means that players will be able to recycle their immortal treasures like they have in previous Battle Passes. 

Any previously recycled immortals will be counted into your progress on this replaced system and grant you additional immortal treasures as you continue playing. Any rewards earned through the Sideship will remain in player inventories and remaining gold can still be used in the Sideshop by using the “dota_show_sideshop” command.

Weekly Wagering has also been reverted to how it was in Battle Pass 2019, with weekly battle points available from wagering now back to its old amount. 

The last part of this new update is the removal of ticketing requirements for the Gauntlet battle system. Players will now no longer need to use a ticket to participate in a test of strength while playing matches. 

Previously, players would receive multiple entry tickets once they purchase the Battle Pass and that could be used to enter a gauntlet where winning three games before you lose two would give you prizes, like 1,500 Battle Points, a Battle Tier upgrade, and 200 Sideshop Gold. More tickets could be purchased in the Sideshop, which is likely why this change is being made since the method to get more tickets is shutting down. 

This update will go live on June 5, so if you have any immortal treasure, you should just hold onto it until the reversion is done. This should also result in more updates being made in the near future based on Sideshop content and other removals.