Valve opens predictions for The International regional qualifiers in Dota 2 client

The final stage of the Dota Pro Circuit is open for business.

Image via ESL

Leading up to the start of regional qualifiers for The International 10, Valve has launched its new prediction event inside the Dota 2 client. 

Players will now be able to click on the Watch section of the game client and predict the results for each of the six regions that will be competing for the final spots on Dota’s biggest stage in August. 

For each region—China, Europe, CIS (Eastern Europe,) North America, South America, and Southeast Asia—players will select the team they think is most likely to win the region. That means they will be predicting which teams will earn the last TI10 invite from the six regions.

All of the regional qualifiers will run between June 23 and July 10, and for each winner a player correctly predicts, they will earn 1,000 Shards, an in-game currency that can be exchanged for rewards from the in-game Shard Shop.

Here is the full schedule for the TI10 regional qualifiers and every team competing in each region. 

  • CIS (Eastern Europe): June 23 to 26
    • Team Spirit, AS Monaco Gambit, Natus Vincere, Team Unique, PuckChamp, EXTREMUM, Hell Raisers, Winstrike Team, Team Empire, Fantastic Five, Nemiga Gaming, B8, NoTechies, Trident Clan
  • South America: June 23 to 26
    • NoPing e-sports, SG e-sports, Infamous, Hokori, Team Unknown, EGOBOYS, BINOMISTAS, Infinity, ex-Crewmates, Inverse, Omega Gaming, Gorillaz-Pride, Latam Defenders 
  • North America: June 30 to July 3
    • Undying, 4 Zoomers, Simply TOOBASED, Sadboys, Black N Yellow, D2 Hustlers, Arkosh Gaming, The Cut, Team DogChamp, felt, Electronic Boys, 5ManMidas
  • Southeast Asia: June 30 to July 3
    • TNC Predator, OB Esports x Neon, Fnatic, Execration, BOOM Esports, Omega Esports, Motivate.Trust Gaming, Team SMG, Lilgun, ex-South Built Esports, Galaxy Racer, 496 Gaming, Army Geniuses, Team Mystery, Cignal Ultra
  • China: July 7 to 10
    • Elephant, EHOME, Phoenix Gaming, Royal Never Give Up, LBZS, Sparking Arrow Gaming, Aster.Aries, Team MagMa, CDEC, Xtreme Gaming
  • Europe: July 7 to 10
    • Nigma, Team Liquid, Tundra Esports, OG,, Brame, Spider Pigzs, Hellbear Smashers, Ghost Frogs, Team Bald Reborn, Into The Breach, No Bounty Hunter, Chicken Fighters, Hippomaniacs