Valve officially showcases Artifact’s new Red heroes, opens public vote to evaluate community feedback

More heroes will be up for review soon.

Valve is asking the Artifact community to be the judge and jury for its revamped heroes. The developer has opened up yet another direct line of communication for its audience with a survey on the newly-minted Red hero cards.

Artifact 2.0‘s development team asked fans to review the new heroes on five different criteria:

  1. Overall strength of hero
  2. Match between gameplay and Dota identity
  3. Excitement to pick/play this hero
  4. Creates interesting situations
  5. Fun when playing against this hero

Most of the heroes in Artifact 2.0 have become indistinguishable from their hero cards, thanks to stat changes as well as overhauled personal abilities and signature cards. Three new Red heroes have also been introduced—Phantom Lancer, Tiny, and Tusk—with fantastic accompanying placeholder art.

More heroes are already in the pipeline, too. The developer said Green heroes will be coming “later today” to ensure that discussion can get started.

Valve also confirmed that more invites will be sent out over the coming weeks. “Small batches” will be dropped directly into Steam inventories through the week, while a “larger group” will receive their summons before the weekend, just in time for an Artifact 2.0 marathon.