Valve nerfs Underlord and Venomancer in Dota 2 Patch 7.27d

Some high-usage heroes got hit pretty hard.

Image via Valve

As per usual, Valve operates on its own timeline and just dropped a pretty significant 7.27d Gameplay Update right in the middle of Omega League and ESL One Thailand. 

Soul Ring getting a recipe reduction from 350 gold to 275 seems like it will be one of the most impactful changes because most of the buffs and nerfs were on the smaller side of things. 

Other item changes include the Drum of Endurance getting an all stat reduction from plus six to plus four and Helm of the Dominator reducing minimum health from 1,500 to 1,000, though it does grant plus four Armor to the dominated creep.

Luna looks like she will be taking what equates to no damage with a small boost to her base armor, while Underlord and Venomancer were absolutely decimated after taking the most hits of any hero in the patch. 


  • Firestorm
    • Firestorm cast range reduced from 675 to 600/625/650/675
  • Pit of Malice
    • Pit of Malice cooldown increased from 18/17/16/15 to 21/19/17/15
    • Pit of Malice disable duration increased from 0.9/1.2/1.5/1.8 to 1.2/1.4/1.6/1.8
  • Atrophy Aura
    • Atrophy Aura creep bonus changed from 4/5/6/7 to 2/4/6/8
  • Talents
    • Level 15 Talent increased from -3s Firestorm Cooldown to -4s


  • Plague Ward
    • Plague Ward manacost increased from 20 to 20/22/24/26
    • Plague Ward gold bounty increased from 14-17 to 15/17/19/21
  • Poison Sting
    • Poison Sting damage reduced from 8/16/24/32 to 6/14/22/30
    • Poison Sting slow reduced from 11/13/15/17 percent to 9/11/13/15 percent

As for some other important changes, Arc Warden’s Tempest Double no longer breaks Smoke of Deceit and Enchantress, with Enchant’s max health being reduced from 200/400/800/1200 to 200/300/400/500.

Sven and Clinkz were left off the list this time, but Valve is nerfing heroes and items that play well with other, heavily-used picks to see what works and what needs to be adjusted again in the next update. This is specifically true with Clinkz, who the Helm nerf hurts, but doesn’t break despite being a very odd hero. 

And poor Spectre was another one that got absolutely hammered, even after making into the top four of this year’s Arcana vote.