Valve to expedite development of Dota 2 heroes and user experience

The Dota 2 dev team is being given a Haste rune.

Image via Valve

It’s no secret that Valve likes to take its time when it comes to creating brand new content for its games, but it seems like the Dota 2 development team wants to shake off “Valve time.”

Valve has expressed its intentions to expedite the hero development process and further improve the Dota 2 user experience, according to Team Secret’s Director of Operations, Matthew “Cyborgmatt” Bailey. Cyborgmatt says these statements were made by Valve in the same meeting as the unveiling of next year’s calendar of Major and Minor tournaments.

With regards to new hero development, Valve noted that the current metagame is in a good place and is “in great shape,” but that making new heroes was an area that hasn’t “gone as quickly” as it would like.

Valve also mentioned that the game’s client needs plenty of work, particularly in terms of user experience. True enough, the client’s UX has been an area that hasn’t changed a whole lot (at least outside of the gameplay itself) since the “Reborn” interface overhaul released in June 2015. Hints of Valve’s desire to further improve user experience were seen a few weeks ago, when a brand new in-game hero guide system was revealed to be in the works.

No doubt Valve will provide more details about these new announcements soon, most likely after The International 7 concludes on Aug. 12.