Valve asks Dota 2 community for feedback ahead of Spring Cleaning update

The developers want to hear about bugs, UI issues, and quality of life requests.

Image via Valve

Following the most recent Dota 2 update, Valve is already teasing its next patch and asking players to contribute to the upcoming Spring Cleaning update.

Valve turns directly to the community each year and asks players where prominent bugs and issues are popping up in Dota—specifically ones developers may have missed in recent updates. 

In a post to the Dota 2 subreddit, one of the game’s most front-facing developers, Eric L., reached out to the players about the Spring Cleaning update. He specifically noted the update would be coming in the “near term” and wants to get community feedback while the team determines what to focus on. 

Here are the suggestions the Dota development team wants to hear about from active players, asking individuals to either post themselves or upvote posts they agree with in the Reddit thread

  • Gameplay Bugs
  • Cosmetic Bugs
  • UI Bugs (in the HUD and in the dashboard)
  • Text/tooltip Bugs
  • Small Quality of Life feature requests

Many of the early posts receiving attention focus on the text and effects of Aghanim’s Scepter and Aghanim’s Shard, along with outcry from players to rework the in-game mute feature so it is faster and less obtrusive. 

Multiple users have started compiling information from previous threads about bugs and UI issues, with hopes that Valve will listen and improve Dota 2 with the coming update.