Valve adds new esports cosmetics for Supporters Clubs in Dota 2

Somebody didn't understand the assignment.

Image via Valve

The Dota Pro Circuit has become the heart of the game’s competitive scene. While fans get to show their support both in offline and online events, the Supporters Club allows them to represent their love for their favorite teams in every match they play.

Valve recently added more cosmetics for the Supporters Club. These cosmetics were requested by the teams, and more organizations will be added to the Supporters Club in the near future.

Considering Valve doesn’t take the initiative to design teams’ cosmetics, orgs get to showcase their creative side and even win over new fans simply due to their awesome cosmetics. That’s not always the case, however, since some teams decide to completely skip the designing process and submit the most basic artwork possible.

TSM, for example, is one of the teams that only submitted their logos, which makes it hard for fans to justify purchasing their pack. Alliance, on the other hand, looks to have missing voice lines which the team worked hard on.

While there are underwhelming packs, some teams, like EG, took the opportunity to introduce fun designs into the game.

Whenever a player makes a Supporters Club purchase, 50 percent of the revenue goes to the team they support. If your favorite team isn’t included just yet, their cosmetics may make their way into the game sooner or later when Valve pushes out more Supporters Club content.