Valve adds Aghanim’s Battle Level Bundle to Dota 2, reveals release date for gameplay Patch 7.31

Long you have waited, no longer jebaited.

Image via Valve

The wait for each major gameplay patch usually feels like ages for most players. Considering Valve doesn’t like working with timelines, the developer typically does not give out exact dates, but that wasn’t the case for Patch 7.31.

Combined with the Aghanim’s Battle Level Bundle, Valve announced that gameplay Patch 7.31 was scheduled to arrive on Feb. 23, right after the battle pass ends. With an end date in sight, Dota 2 fans will likely focus on maxing out their battle passes, and that’s where the Aghanim’s Battle Level Bundle comes in. The bundle is an exclusive weekend detail containing 60 levels, three Immortal Treasures, three Continuum Collection Treasures, and three Ageless Heirloom Treasures.

The bundle will have a price tag of $14.99, and each player will be able to purchase two. Aghanim’s Battle Level Bundle offers 70 percent in savings and can help when it comes to making that final push to unlock some of the more expensive battle pass content like the Mirana Persona and the Drow Ranger Arcana.

Other than a date, Valve hasn’t given out any details regarding the gameplay Patch 7.31, but considering the current meta has been ongoing for over a year now, the player base is ready for some changes to shake up the metagame. The patch will also set the mood for the upcoming DPC season and The International, meaning everyone’s favorite professional players will be hard at work, trying to figure out the best way to win in the next Dota 2 patch.