Thunder Predator eliminate Virtus Pro from ONE Esports Singapore Major

South America's sole representation stays alive.

Image via One Esports

Thunder Predator continue to go from strength to strength, sending Virtus Pro home from the ONE Esports Singapore Dota 2 Major after a clean 2-0 sweep.

TP’s trademark camaraderie and aggression were on full display, grouping up early and often to throw their opponents off-balance. Picking mobile gankers and teamfighters, TP mercilessly slaughtered VP, leaving the young CIS stars twiddling their thumbs as opposed to pressing buttons on their keyboards.

With this victory, TP have secured a top-six finish at the Major. The South American squad will go on to face Chinese team Invictus Gaming in the next round of the lower bracket. IG were also shaken from a resplendent Evil Geniuses earlier today, losing 2-0, and will now have to face the surging TP squad.

VP, who went undefeated in their Regional League and were regarded as one of the tournament favorites, conversely looked thoroughly outclassed throughout both games. The CIS squad will have to make do with a top-eight finish, $12,500, and 200 DPC points. Still one of the youngest and most inexperienced squads on paper, VP will take this experience under the belt and work to eventually try to convert their electric online performances into the offline show.

A relatively tame opening in the early stages of game one exploded once TP mid laner Leonardo “LeoStyle-” Sifuentes’ Windrunner started prowling the map. While he was the star of the show on Windrunner, consistently drawing attention from VP, his teammates were ready and willing to back him up at every turn.

VP’s Nightfall, however, was left stranded on an island, unable to keep up with TP’s lightning speed. While the hope was for the Russian carry to take over on a farmed Phantom Assassin, he was never able to get going and contributed just one kill before VP called the game.

VP had no time to recover in game two and were quickly thrown back into the turbulent mix with TP. This time, TP’s position one Alonso “Mnz” León took over, starting his game with a double kill and never looked back from his spot on the top of the net worth charts. Mnz’s Troll Warlord farmed to his heart’s content and VP were unable to deal with the rampaging Peruvian carry.