The most successful mid laners in Dota 2 Patch 7.27d: NA vs. Europe

There are some surprising faces.

Image via Valve

In GOSU.AI’s latest infographic detailing the five highest win rate Dota 2 heroes in the North American and European regions, Clinkz took the top spot in Europe, while Broodmother placed first in North America.

A total of seven unique heroes occupy the 10 spots. Clinkz and Lone Druid dominate in Europe but are nowhere to be seen in NA. Broodmother, Arc Warden, and Zeus make appearances on both lists. Doom and Death Prophet round out the roster.

Here are the most successful mid lane heroes in Dota 2 Patch 7.27d.

The big three

Image via Valve

It’s no surprise to see Broodmother on both lists considering her status as a legendary cheese pick. Arc Warden is one of the game’s best last picks as well. His ridiculous skill ceiling with Tempest Double allows deft players to pull wins out of nowhere. Both heroes’ win rates drop when taken in the European context, however.

Zeus’ global ability and ease of use give him a perennially high win rate, while the addition of mana regeneration to Null Talisman has given the notoriously mana-hungry hero more aggressive item build options, like Boots of Travel.

All three heroes received slight nerfs in the last 7.27d patch, but that hasn’t dampened their spirits much at all.

Push for Europe: Clinkz and Lone Druid

Clinkz has had so many reworks in recent months that it’s difficult to keep up. Yet his most recent one, where Death Pact was returned to being his ultimate, turned heads even in the professional scene.

The numbers were absurd, especially when combined with heroes that provided bonus health to creeps like Enchantress. The combo was swiftly nerfed in 7.27d, adjusting Enchant and Helm of the Dominator’s active abilities.

He’s still dominant in public matchmaking, however, especially in Europe. His success hasn’t quite translated to the pro scene, perhaps due to his constant power peaks and troughs. For example, a Clinkz that has to buy back to defend his high ground would be significantly weaker than one that had the time to hunt through the jungle.

Without Burning Army, the hero has returned to his outright ganking roots. He’s still capable of outputting insane single-target damage and translating any advantage to tower damage. In this manner, he shares many similarities with Lone Druid, the second-highest win rate hero in Europe.

Lone Druid is more reliable and a better siege engine, while Clinkz provides more burst damage in skirmishes and immense mobility across the map. In a more uncoordinated pub scene, it’s not difficult to see why Clinkz might have the advantage here compared to Lone Druid, who sees comparatively more play in professional circuits.

Fire and death: Doom and Death Prophet

Image via Valve

Doom’s ability to pretty much never lose the early game helps him secure a spot here. His Devour allows him to catch up in a losing situation and speed ahead even in an even lane. His role has gradually shifted from offlane initiator to a mid unstoppable juggernaut with expedited levels and net worth.

His aptly-named ultimate Doom remains one of the best crowd control spells in the game, but it’s the low cooldown Scorched Earth that really controls the battle. It deals a lot of damage and gives him movement speed, which, coupled with his naturally tanky frame, means he’s always in the thick of things and being a thorough pain for enemies.

Death Prophet’s Exorcism employs the same Scorched Earth policy. There’s really no fighting into her when it’s up unless you have enough burst to punish her right at the start of the fight. Otherwise, an enemy tower or multiple lives will be sent straight to the graveyard.

A recent buff to her cast point on Crypt Swarm means she’s slightly better at harassing heroes and securing ranged creeps in lane.

An obvious timing weakness with her long ultimate makes her less desirable compared to other heroes, but she’s clearly still a force to be reckoned with.