The International 10 prize pool soars past $20 million

The Battle Level Bundle is a powerful thing.

Image via Valve

After the first of several Battle Level Bundles went live on June 24, The International 10 Battle Pass had an explosion in sales, surging past the $20 million mark in record time.

This increase in sales saw the 2020 Battle Pass move from just $500,000 above the record-setting pace from 2019 to almost a full $5 million ahead at the 31-day mark on the market.

The race for the highest prize pool in esports history went from being a tight race to TI10 having a massive lead heading into July. It hit the $20 million mark a full 19 days ahead of last year’s Battle Pass—and more than 30 days ahead of 2018, too. 

Screengrab via Dota 2 Prize Tracker

Right now, if the Battle Pass levels out and just follows 2019’s pace, the prize pool is set to break $37 million at a minimum, with $40 million being within striking distance. 

The first Battle Level Bundle, which gives players 120 Battle Levels, nine Immortal Treasure I, six Immortal Treasure II, and three Immortal Treasure III for $29.99 is limited to two purchases per player. This means the huge spike that got the Battle Pass to this point will slow down, but it will likely not significantly drop until the bundle leaves the shop on the morning of June 29. 

Valve has already beaten its 2019 battle plan to the punch, seeing a massive spike heading into June instead of in July. If the developers continue to release new content, including the next Battle Level Bundle and Immortal Treasure collections at a steady pace, there should be nothing stopping TI10 from smashing the $34,330,068 record.