The International 10 prize pool pushes past $35 million

A new milestone has been achieved.

Image via Valve

As if becoming the biggest esports prize pool in history wasn’t enough, The International 10’s Battle Pass just keeps trucking along, pushing the massive number past the $35 million mark. 

All of the content isn’t even out yet for this year’s Battle Pass, as Immortal Treasure III and the Windranger Arcana are supposed to release sometime in the coming weeks. 

Screengrab via Dota 2 prize pool tracker

After breaking the TI9 record $34,330,069 on Aug. 26, Dota 2 now holds the top six spots on the list for the largest overall esports prize pools of all time. This has been a constant for seven years now, as the Battle Pass has continued growing each year since implementing the crowd-funding mechanic for TI3. 

Additionally, TI10 is still more than 10 days ahead of TI9’s previous record pace. Overall, the prize pool has increased by 2087.6 percent since starting at the base prize pool of $1.6 million, currently sitting at $35,001,623. 

According to the Dota 2 prize pool tracker, the TI10 Battle Pass has been averaging less daily growth than TI9’s over the last two weeks, but because there is still some content rolling out, that will likely change again soon. 

This is all happening despite Valve continuing to maintain an uncommitted stance on restarting the Dota Pro Circuit or deciding on new dates for TI10 after postponing each due to COVID-19. The company cited a recent “increase in unpredictability” surrounding COVID as the reason for the newest delay.