T1 drops Sam_H and Poloson from its Dota 2 roster

The team will need two more players to finish its roster.

Image via T1

By the time T1 actually manages to compete in an event on the Dota Pro Circuit, half of the Southeast Asian competitive Dota 2 scene might have played for the team. The organization decided today to drop both Samson “Sam_H” Hidalgo and Wilson “Poloson” Chin Wei.

This marks the sixth-straight month in which T1 has made some form of roster move. The org also recently brought on Souliya “JaCkky” Khoomphetsavong and Kenny “Xepher” Deo at the end of November. 

Since forming last August, T1 has had 15 different players on its roster, including its two newest additions. Poloson was actually the team’s longest-tenured player before being released earlier today, having joined back in May as part of the team’s first roster shuffle. Sam_H joined later in August. 

“Today we part ways with Poloson and Sam_H,” T1 said. “We highly appreciate their contribution to the team and wish them all the best.”

The team has seen little sustained success in 2020, but T1 did manage to get a third-place finish at the Beyond the Summit Pro Series season four, which must have at least shown management they had something with former Geek Fam standout Karl Jayme at the helm. 

Now, the organization will look to fill out its roster around Karl, JaCkky, Xepher, and head coach Park “March” Tae-won prior to the DPC restarting on Jan. 18.