SUNSfan creates new Dota 2 game mode—and fans are already dying to play it

Custom games are making a comeback with this detailed mode.

Screengrab via Valve

Dota 2 has had a lot of custom games over the years. Some of them stem from special modes included in the yearly battle pass such as Diretide, Siltbreaker, and Aghanim’s Labyrinth. Others gained popularity because of the users that created them such as Dota Auto Chess.

Earlier today, one of the Dota 2 casters revealed his custom game mode that he had been working on for quite some time. SUNSfan (Shannon Scotten) showed off his new game mode called Ability Arena while playing it on his Twitch channel along with fellow caster and analyst Jenkins (Andrew Jenkins).

This mode is similar to the Ability Draft mode in Dota 2 where you can mix and match abilities together to create your own overpowered hero. While that mode takes place in a normal Dota 2 map, Ability Arena has its own map where players pick their hero and its abilities while fighting each other in an arena.

The battling is automatic and you have to make sure your heroes’ abilities synergize well with each other to win rounds. It starts off with a 1-vs-1 battle and eventually opens up to full team fighting auto battles. After each round, you gain gold which you can use to level up your heroes and skills while gaining new abilities. Make sure to use your gold before each round because it resets.

Image via SUNSfan

Another new addition to the game is that of Gods. Each God gives you specific abilities to boost your team of heroes, with more skills being introduced as they level up. SUNSfan has also included a battle pass to the game which gives additional bonuses as it levels up.

The game is extremely detailed and it is quickly gaining popularity amongst fans of Dota 2. For more details, check out the Ability Arena page here.