South America 2022 DPC Spring Tour Regional League: Schedule, standings, and results

Can the top team retain the throne?

Photo via Valve

After a majority of the top teams in the region went through some form of roster change heading into the Winter Tour, beastcoast proved that continuity is important and that they are still the kings of South American Dota 2

Now, heading into the Spring Tour for the 2022 DPC, Infamous are full of confidence and Thunder Awaken are looking to reach the top for a second straight regional league season, with plenty of competition from the teams below them in the standings as well. 

Prize pool and format

Valve has reverted back to its initial DPC format for the Spring Tour after swapping to a Regional Final format for the Winter Tour. Teams in Division I will fight for their share of $205,000, 920 Pro Circuit points, and a spot at the Stockholm Major. 

SA matches across both Division I and Division II will run from March 14 to April 21 in a standard round-robin. Only two teams will be represented at the Stockholm Major since the region only gets two invites. That event is scheduled to run from May 12 to 22. 

At the end of the Spring Tour, the bottom two teams from Division I will drop into Division II, with the top two rosters from Division II moving up to replace them for the third and final Tour of the 2022 DPC season. Additionally, the bottom two teams from Division II will be relegated out of the regional league and two new teams from an open qualifier will move up, though this number can fluctuate between Tours as rosters change. 

Teams to watch out for

Just like with every SA competition, beastcoast are always the favorite going in—though that now comes with the caveat that they will only play their best on a big stage. This means Stinger and crew could utterly dominate the season, coast into the Major in second, or miss the top two altogether. Fans really won’t know until the final weeks of the Spring Tour. 

TA and Infamous both showed that they take the regional league seriously and are likely to give beastcoast a run for their money this season, especially with only two Major invites on the table. 

The rest of Division I is up in the air. APU King of Kings placed fourth last Tour but went through some roster changes. Lava could make some noise as well, but only the top three teams are truly set heading into the event. 

Here are all of the standings, scores, and results for the South America 2022 DPC Spring Tour Regional League. You can view a full schedule here.


Division I

RankTeam nameSeriesGamesDPC PointsSeedPrize
1beastcoast5-110-4400Stockholm Major Invite$30,000
2Hokori5-211-6240Stockholm Major Invite$28,000
3Thunder Awaken5-010-1160$27,000
7APU King of Kings1-45-8N/ADemoted to Division II$23,000
8Balrogs0-62-12N/ADemoted to Division II$22,000

Division II

RankTeam nameSeriesGamesDPC PointsSeedPrize
1Wolf Team5-211-5N/APromoted to Division I$17,000
2SG esports4-28-6N/APromoted to Division I$16,000
5NoPing e-sports3-38-6N/A$9,000
6Omega Gaming3-38-8N/A$7,000