SG esports are the second team eliminated from The International 10

South America lost two teams before the main event event began.

Screengrab via PGL Esports

SG esports were eliminated from The International 10 at the end of the event’s group stage today. They are the second team to leave the competition after Thunder Predator sat out of the tournament yesterday.

SG had a slightly stronger showing than their South American brethren, TP, winning a series to stay in contention up until the very last series of day four. The Brazilian squad needed a lot to go right for them to survive through the final day, but even with part of their destiny in their own hands, they couldn’t get it done. 

In the first set of matchups on day four, SG played Quincy Crew in a series that would almost certainly decide who would be going home if either side secured a 2-0. 

Overall, the series was competitive, but QC essentially sealed SG’s fate by walking to a 45-minute game one victory without trailing once. SG didn’t let the series go after that initial loss, but QC controlled the late game and took game two, leaving SG to the wolves—or in this case, Fnatic. 

Fnatic was the only other team stuck near the bottom of Group B, and SG needed them to lose in order to have a shot at sneaking into the lower bracket. However, not only did Fnatic not let that happen, they did so by sweeping Team Secret in two extremely dominant games. 

And, once QC took the first game against Elephant in their final series, SG was officially eliminated from playoff contention. 

“It’s been a long way to get here,” SG said. “We worked hard to evolve and compete with the best in the world. Unfortunately, we did not get the results we hoped for. Thank you for the support always and until next time!”

Just like with TP, SG will be heading back to South America after a 17th place finish, taking home $100,000 of the $40 million prize pool. This also leaves beastcoast as the only remaining SA representative still playing for a shot at raising the Aegis of Champions when TI10’s main event begins on Oct. 12.