Secret destroy VP.Prodigy, remain undefeated in WePlay! Pushka League playoffs

Secret are one step away from another Major title.

Photo via DreamHack

Team Secret look unstoppable. The Dota 2 team played as a unit today with a five-man lineup that simply outdrafted and outplayed VP.Prodigy for a quick 2-0 sweep to remain undefeated in the WePlay! Pushka League playoffs.

Once more, Secret let their opponent dictate the draft and pick heroes that they were comfortable with, while Puppey and his team fit their picks into a lineup that functioned well together. 

That drafting prowess, along with the clear inexperience that some of Prodigy’s players show in approaching both the draft and some matchups, led to Secret outclassing Save- and his team in game one despite them playing well. Nisha played an insane Tinker game and it became clear that Secret’s players all knew exactly what it would take to win against Prodigy. 

While Prodigy were playing well, they were playing as five individuals who are skilled at Dota and capable of keeping up with some of the best teams in the world. But Secret have been playing at a level beyond that with a mindset and playstyle completely ignoring the individual facets of Dota and focusing on the five-man game. 

Secret rarely makes the first move and always seems to play out bad situations in a way that will favor them later on in the game. It also didn’t help that Prodigy were more focused on fights rather than map control and had trouble initiating on towers in both games. 

Secret played game one closely, even if it looked like they were in control most of the time and none of their players looked rushed. But for comparison, here are both team’s stat lines for each game to show how dominant Secret really are, even in some closer matches. 

Team (Game)K/D/ANet Worth Hero DamageBuilding Damage
Secret (Game One)25/18/58111.9k112.5k27.3k
Prodigy (Game One)18/25/3980.9k95.2k3.6k
Secret (Game Two)26/9/6550.4k55.4k28.5k
Prodigy (Game Two)9/27/1727.7k32.9k1.9k

After another sweep, Secret await the winner of Team Liquid and Prodigy in the grand finals. Liquid are the only team that have beaten Secret during this event. That might be the only chance Puppey and his team have at losing another game during the WePlay! Pushka League.