QO takes a break from competitive Dota 2

Immortals will need to make another roster change.

Image via Valve

Kim “QO” Seon-yeop, generally regarded as the most fearless midlaner to come from South Korea, is taking a step back from competitive Dota 2.

Yesterday, QO posted a message on his Facebook page, announcing that he would be taking a break from playing full-time in order to “redeem” himself and to “work on different aspects”.

He also mentioned that after finishing just outside the top four at The International 6, had caused him to burnout on Dota 2 and that the game simply wasn’t enjoyable for him at that point. Despite this, however, QO went on to play for MVP Phoenix for a few more months, before jumping over to more short-lived teams such as WanteD and Is GG.

QO was also a part of Fnatic at TI7, although his run with them last year ended in complete disaster. He and the rest of the team completely missed the main event at TI7, finishing in dead last in the group stage.

His time as a member of North American esports organization Immortals has not been that much better either. After placing fourth at the PGL Open in Bucharest two months ago, IMT have dropped out of every single Pro Circuit event qualifier they’ve been in.

It’s possible this isn’t the last we’ve seen of QO. His fans undoubtedly will hope he gets his competitive fire back before long. For now though, Immortals will be searching for a replacement hard carry.