Puppey is bringing back FACEIT Pro Leagues for Dota 2 players

Even pros are feeling the itch for more Dota 2.

Photo via DreamHack

Secret’s Puppey is helping to bring the FACEIT Pro League back to the forefront for Dota 2. The FPL is an invite-only system across different regions, allowing top players to battle in a competitive environment with drafting, captain’s mode, and Elo points at stake.

FACEIT is one of the best competitive gaming platforms for high-level play in various multiplayer games. It’s perhaps most notable for its ubiquity as a top-tier CS:GO matchmaking platform.

Usually, in-house leagues kick back up after each The International in an unofficial offseason. While several top-tier players take the chance to keep their skills sharp, the league usually consists of players on the cusp of breaking into the tier-one scene.

The increased exposure to known players and the more competitive environment can help highlight those ready to make the leap to professional play. Notable players like Nigma’s MinD_ContRoL were initially discovered in in-house leagues.

The last FPL for Dota 2 was held in 2018. The introduction of the Dota Pro Circuit has also rendered the player leagues more obsolete than before for pros since it’s become harder for them to find the time to participate. With the COVID-19 pandemic not showing any signs of abating, however, Dota 2 pros might be freer than ever.

FPL confirmed that invites have been sent to “managers of top teams and individual free-agent players,” which means that a large number of current pros could potentially be joining the upcoming season of FPL.