Primordials and Arc Warden are changing in Dota Underlords’ upcoming patch

They're likely getting nerfed.

Image via Valve

The Dota Underlords update that Valve released last week turned the game upside down, and the company now needs to fix some new overpowered strategies as soon as possible.

Valve is changing the Primordial and Hunter Alliances “early this week,” it wrote in a Twitter post last night. Arc Warden, a hero who went from a meme to a key unit of the metagame, will also be made weaker in the same patch.

Valve provided no further details about what’s changing, but we have a few guesses.

Primordials became meta due to lots of changes. Their Alliance bonus that gives a 40-percent chance of disarming attacking melee opponents now also has a 10-percent chance of doing so to ranged attackers. With four Primordials, all allied units have that chance instead of only Primordials.

On top of that, players can now trigger the first level of the Primordial Alliance as early as the first player-vs-player round since Razor went down from tier three to one. It’s easy to get Tiny and Razor in three rounds to enter round four with both of them in your frontline disabling an opponent’s board.

Primordials are also strong in the late game now. Arc Warden got an attack speed buff at two stars and a huge life and damage bonus at three stars, which made the meme build of two two-star Crystal Maiden and a three-star Arc Warden a strong option with a frontline made of Tiny, Razor, and Morphling.

And the Primordial buff is part of the reason why Hunters are changing, but most likely getting buffed. The Alliance became nearly useless after it lost Tidehunter last patch, which changed from Hunter to Warrior. Medusa, a key unit for Hunters in tier four, went up to tier five to become a Legendary unit, therefore becoming inaccessible before level eight. Valve is likely preparing some kind of buff to that Alliance.

But Valve has yet to reveal when these changes are coming and what they’ll be. Until then, be careful and go for Primordial before it’s too late.