ONE Esports World Pro Invitational Singapore main event results and matchups

Eight teams fight for the inaugural World Pro Invitational crown.

one esports dota 2 singapore results
Image via ONE Esports

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Usher in the new decade with one of Dota 2‘s biggest third-party events. The ONE Esports World Pro Invitational held in Singapore features eight teams clashing for the lion’s share of the $500,000 prize pool, where the winner will walk away with a hefty $200,000.

The main event will run from 8pm CT on Dec. 18 to the early hours of Dec. 22. Eight teams have been split equally between the upper and lower brackets.

Upper bracket teams can afford to lose one series and will have another lifeline in the lower bracket. Any team that loses in the lower bracket will say goodbye to their ONE Championship dreams.

Every matchup will be a best-of-three, except for the best-of-five grand finals. While this event will run shorter than a typical Dota Pro Circuit Major, expect to see sparks fly among some of the best teams Dota 2 can offer.

Here are the main event results and matchups for the World Pro Invitational. The most recent day will appear at the top of the list.

Day four results

Lower bracket finals

Gambit vs. Vici Gaming

Winner: VG

  • Game one: VG 13 – 3 Gambit
  • Game two: VG 32 15 Gambit

Grand finals

Evil Geniuses vs. VG

Winner: TBD

  • Game one: VG 24 – 14 EG
  • Game two: EG 22 – 24 VG
  • Game three: VG 30 – 22 EG

Day three results

Lower bracket round two

VP vs. Alliance

Winner: Alliance

  • Game one: VP 13 – 22 Alliance
  • Game two: Alliance 29 – 39 VP
  • Game three: VP 18 – 33 Alliance

Vici Gaming vs. Secret

Winner: VG

  • Game one: VG 31 – 22 Secret
  • Game two: VG 30 – 28 Secret
  • Game three: Secret 5 – 24 VG

Lower bracket round three

Alliance vs. Vici Gaming

Winner: VG

  • Game one: Alliance 9 – 36 VG
  • Game two: VG 26 – 20 Alliance

Day two results

Lower bracket round one

Virtus Pro vs. Natus Vincere

Winner: VP

  • Game one: VP 30 – 12 Na’Vi
  • Game two: VP 29 – 14 Na’Vi

Vici Gaming vs. TNC Predator

Winner: VG

  • Game one: VG 30 – 35 TNC
  • Game two: VG 34 – 11 TNC
  • Game three: VG 30 – 21 TNC

Upper bracket finals

Gambit vs. EG

Winner: EG

  • Game one: Gambit 4 – 19 EG
  • Game two: EG 32 – 6 Gambit

Day one results

Upper bracket round one

Alliance vs. Gambit Esports

Winner: Gambit

  • Game one: Gambit 20 – 12 Alliance
  • Game two: Alliance 13 – 23 Gambit

Evil Geniuses vs. Team Secret

Winner: EG

  • Game one: EG 25 – 18 Secret
  • Game two: EG 25 – 8 Secret

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