Ogre Magi Arcana drops along with a Frostivus event

Valve just put its Santa hat on.

ogre magi arcana frostivus
Image via Valve

A new, probably more intelligent head joins Ogre Magi with his Arcana reveal, Flockheart’s Gamble. The premium item also heralds the arrival of Frostivus to Dota 2, where players get a chance to obtain free loot just by playing.

Purchasing the Arcana will mount Ogre Magi onto poor Flockheart, the Firelark, along with a blazing makeover. The Arcana comes with new ability icons, hero portrait, and a minimap icon for the hero. It also features more than 300 new voice lines, often with Flockheart clucking to cap off the trio’s banter.

An alternate blue style is also available for Ogre, bringing him closer to his original color scheme.

Even for fans who aren’t planning on buying the Arcana, there are plenty more rewards from Santa Valve. A special Frostivus Reward Line has been set up, where players can earn rewards such as chat wheel sounds and Frostivus wheel spins that give players a chance at obtaining the extremely rare Gingerbread Baby Roshan.

Players will earn points and levels by winning matchmaking games. The first game of each day will net bonus points to send you quicker to the final reward, a free Winter Treasure.

Players will be able to obtain a Winter Treasure 2019 at the end of the line. The chest features themed sets for 11 different heroes.

The event will end Jan. 2, with all consumables and rewards expiring on Jan. 17. Be sure to spin your wheels, pop your fireworks, and throw your snowballs at friends or foes while they last.