NiP brings in EG’s Cr1t- as stand-in for OGA Dota PIT season 2

Cr1t- is playing in Europe again.


The Ninjas in Pyjamas’ Dota 2 roster has gone through a lot of changes over the last several months. The latest move was the release of team captain Akbar “SoNNeikO” Butaev.

While upper management has yet to find a support player to fill SoNNeikO’s role, the team reached an agreement with Evil Geniuses today that will allow Andreas “Cr1t-” Nielsen to stand-in for the European roster at OGA Dota PIT season two.

NiP lucked out with this deal since the only reason it’s possible is because EG aren’t competing in the American bracket for Dota PIT season two. That kept Cr1t- free to sub in at position five for NiP, giving the European squad a massive boost that they wouldn’t have otherwise. 

NiP’s roster for this event features Charlie “CharlieDota” Arat, Ondřej “Supream^” Štarha, Jonáš “SabeRLight-” Volek, Adrian “Era” Kryeziu, and Cr1t- as a stand-in.

While the team is competing, the organization will continue to scout players with the hopes of finishing the roster before the Omega League begins in August.

“We believe in a more flat structure, and thus have chosen to make some changes,” NiP COO Jonas Gundersen said. “With the Omega League coming up and the collaboration we’ve initiated with the other teams, we are looking at a very bright future for NiP. So we’ll take our time to find the perfect 5th while we keep developing our direction.”

This could be a good experience for Cr1t- since EG will be competing in the EU region for Omega League against NiP, OG, and several other teams that are also competing at Dota PIT season two, which begins on July 27.